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Learning Modern CPP for Game Programmers with examples.

This is a totally free open source project devoted to teaching you to program in Modern C++, whether you've had any prior experience programming or not. This is studying project hosted for self studying modern C++beside game programming, becoming an expert programmer won't happen overnight, so be patient and keep it rock ;)


Keen on Mastering DirectX 11.x?

I've written a book about the DirectX 11.1 Game Programming, you can get it from Here. Also I provided a blog for those programmers who have a good knowledge about DirectX and want to excel in graphical programs. 


History of Lessons

ClassProjects_03062014 has been updated with following lessons

  1. Threads
  2. Tasks
  3. Private Implementation
  4. Initializing OpenGL_ES
  5. Show Primitives using GLSL
  6. An Introduction GLSL Part 1 (Attributes & Uniforms)
  7. An Introduction GLSL Part 2 (Varyings)
  8. Vertex buffers & Index Buffers
  9. Textures




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